Need for UX Most Wanted: What Tesla Drivers Were Looking For

Did you know that Tesla goes from 0 to 100 km/h in under three seconds? Only. Three. Seconds. Even though this supercar was created for everyday life, its owners attend a racing track once in a while. So we decided to make an interface that would resemble video games (e-ron-don-don :) — easy to understand and use. Here's how data, Tesla drivers and UX research may speed up innovation in automotive.

Today we are witnessing a flying development of automotive technology, with a new flood of electronic devices and programs watching the road and helping drivers react in all sorts of situations. The new technologies are replacing outdated controls, so now, instead of a whole lot of gears, sticks and buttons, we work with a touch scree n. This in-vehicle tablet transforms cars into part of an entire ecosystem that includes smartphones, laptops and smart watches. No wonder UI and UX have become such hot topics in the automotive world.


Since all the racing data is being saved, drivers may track their improvement within the year or compare their own results with the achievements of other racers. Being able to analyze the driving history makes it possible to improve driving skills much ea sier than previously.

This article serves as an example of how user research may lead to really innovative results and disclose hidden slots of the automotive industry. Nobody knows user needs better than users themselves, so we need to learn to listen to them. This concept doesn’t claim to be the best racing solution ever — we see it rather as an exercise, a sketch of ideas we are personally interested in. If you share our vision and support the presented ideas, take a look at our concept at Behance and let’s keep it spinning together.