Corporate Social Responsibility

We ensure a sustainable future for our employees, our company, and the communities in which we live and work across the globe

Fair Labor Practicies and Human Rights

SoftServe offers an equal and transparent working environment for everyone, regardless of gender, origin, social status, political preferences, etc. Our efforts are also focused on providing comfortable and flexible working conditions for all of our associates. We are proud to have received numerous accreditations and awards recognizing employee satisfaction and a commitment to sustainability.
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Talent Development

We understand that the best way to build our future is to help our associates build their own. That’s why we aim to provide them with the best education and professional opportunities they desire.

At SoftServe, we foster a healthy, open, and inclusive working environment where associates and customers respect the value of human life, personal freedoms, and social progress.

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Improving IT Education

Increasing intellectual capital within our company and within the IT industry in general is one of the key areas of SoftServe’s CSR. To ensure the continuous professional development for our employees, SoftServe University was founded in 2006. It provides a wide range of online and offline trainings, seminars, certifications, and language classes. SoftServe also initiates and supports external activities related to IT education, which deepen technical knowledge, promote an exchange of experience, and develop the IT community. We actively support the development of university programs to improve the quality of IT education.
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Empowering Communities

A society is stronger than an individual. As such, business is stronger when the companies of one industry synergize efforts to create a mutually beneficial environment. We collaborate with local business, technology, and industry organizations, as well as local authorities and software communities to bring positive changes to the global IT environment. We also create the most effective models for business-education collaboration in IT via co-founding and active partnership programs.
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Environmental Sustainability

SoftServe cares about reducing our ecological footprint and makes our “Go Green” initiative a top priority. Waste recycling and optimized use of resources at company-wide level are the two main focus areas as of now. In addition, each spring, SoftServe runs a “Plant a Plant” global event to encourage eco-friendly behavior among our associates.
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Corporate Volunteering

SoftServe supports a variety of local nonprofits through match fundraising, special initiatives, and more. We encourage our employees to donate time, knowledge, and/or experience to support these organizations as well. 
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Charity Fund "Open Eyes"

Additionally, as part of our commitment to a sustainable future, SoftServe founded the Open Eyes Charity fund. This fund supports educational, social, and infrastructure projects of all kinds. Today, everyone—including SoftServe’s associates—can donate to Fund’s charitable initiatives.
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