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Energy, Oil & Gas

Fuel for the future

Digital reinvention for energy focused business operations

A digital-first business model is quickly becoming the standard within the energy industry, including oil and gas, utilities, renewables, battery storage, solar and wind, and others. Gartner predicts that by 2020, energy leaders will digitally innovate at scale, leaving those lacking digital investments lagging behind competitors. Innovation requires leveraging technology to reimagine operational strategies, revolutionize business processes, transform the workforce, and more.

  • according to Oil & Gas IQ 33%of energy companies are in the beginning/planning stages of digital transformation, while only 13% said they are established
  • according to IDC 75% of O&G companies will move a majority of on-premise applications to cloud in line with their DX strategy by 2021
  • according to IDC 90% of Oil majors will have deployed AI powered applications to various exploration processes ranging from automated drilling to cognitive seismic data analysis to reservoir modeling by 2022

Driving your digital initiatives for long term growth

  • Transform the IT/CIO organization to meet future business and operational needs. IT is digital infrastructure organization servicing and supporting business-based applications, platforms, data accessibility, and security. SoftServe professionally assesses the current state of IT infrastructure, advises on quick wins, and develops a roadmap for IT transformation.

  • Become an effective authority on cloud and cloud-based platforms to enable self-service business applications. SoftServe advises and provides architecture with a long-term strategy to drive and accelerate all cloud-enabled digital initiatives. We specialize in on-premises-to-cloud structure, cloud-to-cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions, as well as the integration of enterprise systems, ERPs and CRMs.

  • Establish a data governance model between business operations and IT. Prepare to support massive data flows, and lay the foundation for all business intelligence (BI), analytics, and AI applications. SoftServe works to define the data platform architecture, select the technology stack, and onboard data from heterogeneous sources: historical geo- and petro-physical data in exploration, real-time data in production, assets data from IoT devices, and more.

  • Enable seismic data processing, interpretation, and inversion to provide information about subsurface structures, rock formations, and model reservoirs. From better decisions in diverse locations to better yields in production, SoftServe has expertise in building modern machine learning solutions, improving efficiency and speed of exploration, drilling, and production.

  • Intelligent applications based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning are transforming how consumers and enterprises work, live, and interact. By 2027, over 10 percent of applications will be developed by AI without human supervision. SoftServe is an application service provider that builds and implements AI/ML-based digital products for customers to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Detect anomalies and predict maintenance of rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors. Predict and manage corrosion levels using models, real-time operational data, and cognitive functions. We enable on-shore and off-shore equipment to self-diagnose and self-repair with ultimate self-scheduling maintenance and ordering of parts, leaving employees to play a supervisory role and focus on high-value tasks.

  • Transform safety operations through innovative technology. SoftServe solutions use IoT, cloud, and mobile technology to verify that personnel is obeying safety commands, contains the ability to execute facility-wide evacuations, shelter-in-place events, and more. Learn more about the SoftServe IoT and edge-based Smart Workwear prototypes.


  • Energy, Oil & Gas – Fuel the Future

    Energy, Oil & Gas – Fuel the Future

Our approach

  1. 01Integrated approach

    From ideation and consulting to production and maintenance—SoftServe leverage deep expertise to integrate all aspects of digital innovation for the energy industry.

  2. 02Deep-industry expertise

    We drive success by bringing a unique end-to-end understanding of enterprise solutions across a wide breadth of energy, utilities, renewables, and oil and gas organizations.

  3. 03Get innovation done

    We deliver with innovation, quality, and speed via the Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics solutions. We enable innovation with an investment in developing R&D product prototypes.

  4. 04Secure foundation

    Security is a significant concern to energy, renewables, utilities, and oil and gas companies. No organization wants to be at risk. SoftServe’s team of Certified Ethical Hackers leverage data analysis, stress testing, and many of the same tactics of modern cyber-criminals to identify weaknesses that organizations cannot afford to miss.