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Media & Entertainment

Captivate your audience with a next-generation experience that creates loyal fans instead of simply customers

Innovate, connect, and inspire

SoftServe digital media serves customers who are in the business of delivering content or experiences. With customers across entertainment, publishing, education, and information services, we create digital offerings that drive revenue, create efficiencies, and foster loyal relationships.

  • 75% of all marketing will be digital within the next five years
  • 80% of global Internet traffic will be video by 2019
  • 57% of peak Internet traffic is generated by Netflix and YouTube

transform and engage

  • Today’s audiences demand that technology does more than just work well—they want compelling technology experiences that delight. SoftServe has the expertise and strategies that empower brands to connect with their audiences.

  • How many ways does your audience experience your content? Social? Mobile? Web? All of the above? SoftServe can unify these experiences in a seamless and scalable way.

  • SoftServe helps our clients leverage big data and advanced analytics to deliver hyper-personal experiences while gaining new insights with audience demands.

  • Legacy infrastructure is a bottleneck to audience reach in today’s omnichannel, multi-platform environment. SoftServe’s team of DevOps experts enable clients to integrate, migrate, and adapt with agility at the speed of digital.

  • SoftServe knows how to get the most from today’s leading web content management, eCommerce, digital asset management, and automated workflow platforms.

  • The next wave of technology is hitting the market today. Do you have an AI, ML, and AR/VR strategy? SoftServe’s integrated R&D as a service can help you develop and execute a strategy for these leading technologies.

Our approach

  1. 01design thinking focused

    SoftServe builds technology from the human up. We have adopted techniques used by the world’s leading design agencies and applied it to every experience we build. Combine this with best-in-class engineering capabilities and its magic for your audiences.

  2. 02know the ropes

    At SoftServe, we wake up every day to build the technology we dream about while leveraging 25 years of experience to make sure that it can grow to support each member of your audience.

  3. 03focused on your success

    SoftServe has successfully delivered over 3,500 projects. Hire a partner that understands “on-time and on-budget” and has the track record to prove it.

  4. 04make it secure

    SoftServe’s security services are led by an elite team of Certified Ethical Hackers who use data analysis, stress testing, and many of the same tactics employed by modern criminals to locate weaknesses in a company’s technology infrastructure.

  5. 05take the long view on technology

    When it comes to technology, our teams are built with some of the most seasoned veterans in the industry. Our teams understand what technologies are going ‘mainstream’ and what technologies are heading for a dead end.

  6. 06build lasting relationships

    We value relationships over transactions. The SoftServe team works to get to know your business and make connections that enable a unique “trusted advisor” position.