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Global instability has reshaped supply chains. Supply chain officers seek to build resilience and efficiency with advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, and blockchain. Yet many lack the data capabilities required for the most powerful solutions and robust returns. By implementing a strategy to grow your digital maturity, the road to a data-driven value chain ecosystem is paved with efficiency gains and substantial ROI.

According to KPMG
of organizations expect difficulties in the next three years due to geopolitical instability.
According to Supply Chain Dive
of organizations are planning to upgrade or replace their supply chain tech stack.
According to KPMG
of organizations plan to increase their focus on sustainable sourcing.

Supply Chain Resilience in the Age of Instability

The advent of supply chain instability has brought massive risks — and opportunities.

The traditional methods of resource management across the supply chain no longer suffice in a world governed by constant supply chain disruption. Forward-thinking supply chain officers can position themselves to boost their supply chains’ resilience and generate substantial revenue increases.

The Path to Supply Chain Digital Maturity


Build Data Bridges for ESG Due Diligence


Start Boosting Your Supply Chain Digital Maturity

How will you transition from a fractured, inflexible supply chain towards a data-driven, collaborative value chain ecosystem? In our white paper, we offer a deep dive into our strategic approach — as well as several client success stories — to help you get started.
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Key Areas to Boost Supply Chain Resilience and Agility

  • Sourcing, Transportation, and Warehousing

    Transportation, warehousing, and procurement require data-driven coordination and optimization. Otherwise, they become cost drivers instead of revenue generators. Facilitate the movement and storage of goods with advanced IT technologies including real-time tracking, route optimization algorithms, and warehouse automation to improve supply chain logistical resilience, resource allocation, and partner coordination.

    Dig into an example of optimized logistics with our Robotic Order Fulfilment Demo.
  • Planning Optimization

    Supply chain disruption has driven cost increases, upended delivery times, and endangered your ability to go to market. Resilience is predicated on supply chain management using data-driven strategies to simulate scenarios, assess performance, and identify network vulnerabilities. Build agility with automatic employee alerts, alternative supply source identification, and agile operational decisions together with vendors and suppliers.

    Learn more in our blog post about data-driven supply chain resilience.
  • Sustainability and ESG

    Supply chain ESG due diligence requires companies and vendors to collect, organize, and merge data. That data, if available at all, is often unstructured and disparately stored. Developing a robust, collaborative ESG strategy requires building data bridges across the entire supply chain. Aggregate insights, deploy targeted risk mitigation, and enhance stakeholder communication to ensure compliance with ESG due diligence reporting requirements.

    Discover how with SoftServe’s Supply Chain ESG Due Diligence Platform.
  • Forecasting and Demand Management

    Outdated demand planning hinders companies’ ability to minimize inventory costs, maximize working capital, target promotional campaigns, and satisfy consumer demand. Draw on marketing insights, historical sales, inventory management software, and real-time external data to deploy advanced predictive AI algorithms and forecast demand with high fidelity across all sales channels — driving revenue and efficiency across the supply chain.

    Dig into SoftServe’s Demand Forecasting Accelerator.

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Industry Partnership

As an APN Consulting Partner, SoftServe’s specialized team of Big Data engineers, architects, and data scientists provide services across the entire spectrum of projects including ideation, design, assessment, optimization, and implementation.

The SoftServe Big Data Team has extensive expertise in design, implementation, and modernization of Big Data & Analytics solutions including Hadoop-based systems, NoSQL, MPP Data Warehousing, BI Visualization, and Advanced Analytics.

Featured competencies:

  • AWS Migration Competency Partner
  • AWS DevOps Competency Partner
  • AWS Data & Analytics Competency Partner
  • AWS Retail Competency Partner
  • AWS Financial Services Competency Partner
  • AWS Healthcare Competency Partner
  • AWS SaaS Competency Partner
  • Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon EMR Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Redshift Service Delivery Partner
  • AWS Machine Learning Competency

SoftServe and Google Cloud empower businesses to tailor customer experiences with state-of-the-art solutions using big data management, cloud architecture, GCP services, data security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing. We optimize your business no matter where you are in your journey. Move at the speed of digital with cloud.

Featured specializations:

  • Infrastructure
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Security
  • Data Analytics

As a Microsoft certified solution provider, we specialize in providing cutting-edge Microsoft technology-based customer solutions. SoftServe begins by assessing business goals, identifying a solution that meets business needs and helps transform your business to be more agile and efficient. We can help you take full advantage of the cloud, opening a wide array of new opportunities to grow business and revenue.

Featured Solution Areas and Specializations:

Solution Areas Specializations
  • Data and AI
  • Digital & App Innovation
  • Infrastructure
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

As one of only 5 members of NVIDIA’s Service Delivery Partner - Professional Services (SDP-PS) program, SoftServe is recognized for our extensive AI experience and expertise.

Using tools like NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, Compute DGX, and digital twins, we build and integrate AI & ML applications and solutions to solve complex business challenges

As a Premier Pega Partner, SoftServe helps businesses work smarter, simpler, and faster. With Pega's advanced technology, we provide services like cloud migration, customer experience enhancements, comprehensive Pega app development, and upgrade solutions. From strategy and execution plan to implementation and ongoing support, SoftServe takes care of everything.

No matter where you are on your modernization journey, get ready to reap the benefits of Pega. This means accelerated app development, improved customer engagement, enhanced scalability, simplified infrastructure management, and reduced operational costs.


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