Enabling digital-first, end-to-end solutions across the car life cycle.

Empowering the Mobility Revolution

Transformational and disruptive technologies are changing industries and customer expectations across the globe.

In the automotive ecosystem, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data analytics are drastically altering its current state. To remain competitive, automotive enterprises and manufacturers must adjust their strategies and incorporate these elements.

The shift to Industry 4.0 isn’t just for manufacturing; it’s also revolutionizing every part of the car life cycle process. The dramatic increase in data produced impacts manufacturing to the supply chain, sales to consumer usage, and companies need systems that can handle it. Enterprises also need ways to optimize their technology and turn this data into actionable insights.

Automotive enterprises and manufacturers will drive success if they can navigate, implement, and integrate these innovative tools and solutions.

Expected size of global automotive AI market by 2025
Automotive industry profits from new, technology-related sources by 2030
Percentage of car sales made solely online by 2023

SoftServe achieved European TISAX certification for automotive industry players

Merging the Car Life Cycle With SoftServe Expertise

  • 01Research & Development

    The car lifecycle starts with R&D, and SoftServe empowers companies to optimize, expand, and innovate while delivering impactful technology solutions. Save time, move to production more quickly, and lower costs—all while advancing overall business goals.

    Our services include end-to-end support, from feasibility research to experience design. Gain a 360-degree view of ideas and innovations from technical and business perspectives and understand their technological workability along with the risks, benefits, alternatives, and potential ROI. Optimize an already developed interface between a device and humans, ensuring it’s intuitive, inviting, and elegant. Or “cloudify” your resources to improve overall business cost and efficiency. Wherever you need support in the R&D phase, SoftServe is ready to deliver.

  • 02Design
  • 03Prototype
  • 04Manufacturing
  • 05Supply Chain
  • 06Sales and Resale
  • 07Usage and Service
  • 08Recycling

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