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Smart Manufacturing

Advisors and Providers for Your Industry 4.0 Journey

Be Smart(er) with Your Manufacturing

Improve efficiency, profitability, and safety while reducing defects and waste. Real time insights, automated processes, and proactive awareness are possible with the power of IoT and AI/ML. No matter where clients are on the digital journey, we advise and provide transformational service for smart(er) manufacturing.

  • 95% of executive leadership understands the disruption caused by IoT, but only 20% have a plan
  • 76% of manufacturers have an ongoing smart factory initiative or are working on formulating it
  • 50% of manufacturing operations will be IoT enabled by 2025

Smarter manufacturing today, and for the future

  • Reach the competitive edge by transforming your traditional machines into connected ones and grow new revenue streams based on Equipment-as-a-Service and Failure-Prediction-as-a-Service. Get deeper marketing insights on how your machine is being used and maintained as well as establish a closer contact with your customers on a daily basis.

  • Predictive analytics and maintenance are key for preventing equipment failures before they even happen. With predictive maintenance you can foresee potential equipment failures, proactively preventing them through timely maintenance.

  • Data analytics empower defect causation intelligence by comparing multiple events from different systems and stages of the manufacturing process. Applying machine learning (ML) algorithms to vast amounts of time series data produces actionable insights for your manufacturing floor, while automated image recognition models significantly reduce manual efforts in quality control.

  • Automated, real-time energy monitoring enables immediate leak detection as well as early warnings of unexpected excess consumption. Data analytics help to identify inefficiencies by comparing energy use across similar machines, production lines, and/or manufacturing units—all through a single dashboard.

  • Workwear technology enables continuous monitoring of dangerous conditions. Accident prevention clothing sends risk notifications to meet the regulatory standards of fall protection, respiratory protection, lockout or tagging out and machine guarding, making your facility a safer workplace.

  • Smart Manufacturing - Everything as a Service

    Smart Manufacturing - Everything as a Service

  • Transform with Smart(er) Manufacturing

    Transform with Smart(er) Manufacturing

Our approach

  1. 01Data driven business decisions

    Leverage our expertise to better understand your data, build more accurate predictions, and gain actionable insights for current and future business decisions.

  2. 02Security at every level

    We take a holistic approach for IoT security covering: physical devices, networking, data, and applications.

  3. 03Overall equipment efficiency

    Improve overall equipment efficiency by reducing unplanned downtime with the help of predictive maintenance.

  4. 04Reduced energy usage

    Identify inefficiencies by comparing energy use across similar machines, production lines, or manufacturing units.

  5. 05Fewer defects

    Automatically identify defect causation by comparing multiple events from different systems and different stages of the manufacturing process.