Big Data &

Big data is the centerpiece for digital business transformation—making customer interactions more impactful, answering critical business questions, and highlighting areas for cost efficiency and growth.
To kickstart this process, we probe key questions like: What are the desired business outcomes and challenges we need to solve? What data is currently available? Is it structured or unstructured? What types of data should be collected? What is the best use of this data? What technology will enable us to use this data to support and extend the enterprise?

BI & Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics can makes finding answers easy— automating data preparation to simplify it and present tangible and actionable insights. Businesses can make day-to-day decisions with confidence from validated, easily accessible data, in real-time.

  • Make smarter decisions and more accurate business predictions faster.
  • Allocate time saved to resolving strategic issues and initiatives.
  • Provide a comprehensive view and facilitating cross-functional business decisions.
  • Automate unbiased decision-making for time-intensive tasks.

Data Platforms

Enterprise data platform is the foundation for building a trusted environment and gaining deeper business insights. It entails a set of integrated data repositories, data processing, and consumption solutions: ingestion framework, Data Lake, ETL layers, Data Warehouse and Data Marts, as well as BI and analytics tools. Build a scalable data platform and effective data insight ecosystem to uncover new business opportunities and facilitate cross-functional decisions.

  • Increase employee and business productivity by reducing manual data processing work
  • Establish a comprehensive view across all business segments by managing consolidated and trusted data in one location
  • Leverage data to construct a 360-degree view of customers and create highly personalized and relevant experiences
  • Access and analyze information quickly and effectively to understand and evaluate risks

and Governance

Without an effective data strategy and vigilant governance, data will never realize its full potential—nor meet the myriad of expectations from various stakeholders. Establish a consolidated and centralized data repository for effective decision-making and deliver competitive value to stakeholders at pace through strategic analytics road mapping.

  • Outline the overall strategy for your business’ data from defining business challenges to designing a technical solution
  • Democratize data, ensure its quality, and accelerate data initiatives across the company
  • Strategically enable applied data to answer pressing business concerns
  • Build transparency and trust within the business and between partners
  • Generate new revenue streams and capabilities across the organization

Our expertise

SoftServe’s world-class team of data experts can build effective analytics solutions to reveal key trends, enabling you to make smarter decisions at an unprecedented pace. 

Best-in-class Service

  • Certified data wranglers, data engineers and data scientists, and PhD-level experts
  • Solid track record of delivering descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies
  • Trusted partner to Trifacta, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Microsoft, GCP
  • Extensive experience with adopting industry-leading BI platforms, advanced analytics systems (e.g. IBM Watson Analytics), and data visualization frameworks
  • Big data thought leaders: SoftServe’s big data concepts have been adopted and taught by institutions like Carnegie Mellon SEI

Custom Solutions

  • Data exploration, a 360º customer view, and inferential analysis
  • Tailored solutions to answer your specific business needs and derive the greatest value from your data
  • Customized program with tailored implementation of effective decision-making systems
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    Big data is the centerpiece for digital business transformation—making customer interaction more impactful and answering critical business questions, highlighting areas for cost efficiency and opportunities for growth. Harness the power of big data.

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