Omnichannel Content Management

Developing a consistent brand presence across channels and touchpoints empowers businesses to increase customer engagement, profitability, and marketing ROI. Omnichannel content distribution, improved velocity of publishing cycles, language localization, and content repurposing are key, value-added features a content management system (CMS) can introduce to your business.


  • Easily create, manage, and distribute content and assets across channels and devices
  • Expand your business globally by managing your brand presence, multiple websites and language versions under one unified platform
  • Generate more traffic and leads through inbound marketing and SEO
  • Improve content creation, collaboration, and accelerate publishing through automated workflows


A well-thought-out customer experience (CX) strategy enables businesses to meet the constantly changing needs of customers at every stage of their buyer’s journey. Segmentation and targeting, personalization, marketing automation, and experience optimization are the tools to execute an efficient CX strategy—driving customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.


  • Understand your customers and their motivations to deliver seamless, personalized experiences across channels and devices
  • Identify key areas for CX improvement and discover any underlying patterns of customer behavior using advanced analytics and reporting
  • Optimize your digital marketing performance and increase customer engagement through strategic A/B and multivariate testing
  • Stay relevant and meet changing customer demands by incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into your marketing and CX practices
  • Reach new market segments, drive sales, and increase performance against top KPIs


Now your HR function can add even greater value to the business by aligning organizational employee experience (EX) strategy with the talent necessary to drive better performance. SkillsSearch from the SoftServe People IQ solution family, powered by Microsoft Viva, enables you to reduce turnover and build a resilient workplace for long-term organizational success.


  • Ensure that HR teams spend less time on low-value tasks and more time on adding strategic value to the business
  • Develop a scalable HR tech strategy that matches project lifecycles with human factors
  • Ensure proper risk mitigation, control, and governance while implementing HR Tech initiatives
  • Build continuous improvement processes in cooperation with essential business functions.

DXP solve problems in...

  • Retail

    Ensuring exceptional omnichannel experiences by segmenting customers, building psychometric profiles, and tailoring individualized offers, promotions, and marketing campaigns—at scale.
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  • Healthcare

    Transforming care delivery by engaging patients through fine-tuned personalization and supporting physicians with simplified appointment scheduling, provider searching, and health history tracking.
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  • Energy, Oil & Gas

    Increasing business impact and ROI across all business lines and energy-related services through customer-centric, bespoke digital experiences and enhanced response rates to inquiries.
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  • Financial Services

    Optimizing end-to-end financial digital experiences—from omnichannel content personalization and analytics, to regulatory compliance and security.
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