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We are actively involved in meeting our students’ professional goals and truly committed to their success.

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We’ve been sharing our knowledge and experience with our team members for more than 10 years. We believe in an individual approach to professional development. We are committed to helping our employees to achieve their professional goals and to growing with them. We love knowing that we can make a difference in their professional life and career. We want them to feel as much a part of the IT community as we do.

language school courses

We help our employees to obtain the language skills they require through regular courses and individual training sessions held face to face and by phone or Skype. We provide them with full-length language courses and independent modules or master classes. Not only do we use the latest methodologies and textbooks to help them improve their English language skills, we also develop and provide them with other types of training that are essential for our business.

In line with SoftServe going global, we have stepped up our training services and now offer language courses and training programs in German, French, Polish and Spanish as well as English. All our courses employ a unique methodology and approach to teaching. No other IT company can boast of similar services developed specifically for their employees.

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We know that for a learning process to be effective it has to be engaging, relevant to real-life activities/scenarios, interesting and fun. We have it all through meetings with native speakers; movies, speaking and reading clubs; debates and games. With our specially designed learning activities and methodologies, we can meet our students’ individual training needs and match any learning style. We care about our students and their success is a measure of how successful we are.

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